German Shepherd battleground

I'm not sure if Baby Nephew is becoming more like a dog, or if the dog is becoming a child. The similarities are remarkable. Ever since their residence, Baby Nephew has started carrying toys (flattened basketballs) in his mouth. This is when the dog transforms into a 1 year old and wants his toys back. They haven't learned to share and now it has turned into a passive aggressive war. As soon as one looks away, the other snatches whatever toy was in their possession.

I'm not sure who to feel bad for. The toys were originally the dogs, his greatest love is to successfully destroy a toy. If it's a ball, it needs to be flattened. If it's a stuffed animal, the eyes must be chewed off and then the stuffing removed. This is what his life revolves around and now there's a 1 year old thief in the midst stealing his accomplishments. If it were up to the Hare, all the toys would be given back to the dog in addition to any new toys Baby Nephew leaves behind.

To keep the peace, I've decided to let the soldiers battle it out. They have been coming up with some pretty good retrieval tactics.

Affordable entertainment.

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