The Friday excitement continues.

I nearly forgot about the most exciting news ever. There is a Goodwill opening down the road from where I work and today is the Grand Opening!! Of course we will be making a visit. My supervisor decorates the work space with items purchased at this wonderful store. Our hope is to find some more today.I have never been able to find anything I would like there, but today the bossman is going to show me the skill one needs to be victorious. If we're lucky we'll be the first in line, ready to rush the doors. Ooh, maybe there will be free donuts. I can hardly contain myself.


The jackpot will be mine!

Guess what time it is...

BINGO TIME! Friday @ 6:30. Feel free to meet me there. I need a new good luck charm. Whatever I took last time sure didn't work.

On a similar note, Wheel of Fortune auditions will be this month. We have some contenders at work and I'm hoping to see them on television in the near future. Oh, so exciting.


I've recovered.

The shock of not graduating has passed. This is probably a good thing, because this means I won't be nearly as busy with these fluffy classes I'll be taking as opposed to real ones in grad school. Luckily I can take the Beatles class and force the lil' miss at work to assist me! She claims to be an expert. We'll be putting her to the test this summer. This will also give me more time to prepare for grad school. blech.

Onto brainstorming which easy upper division classes to enroll for...

Beatles. Check.
Bob Marley?
Sex and the City?

Ridiculous that these are the classes holding me back from graduating Spring 09.

No Obama for me!

There is a lot of potty mouthin' going on today. I think I'm going to have to take 15 more credits to graduate, meaning a whole semester! I have a new advisor and she is not as cooperative/trickster as my original. rrrgh. I had a feeling about this and I probably should have emailed that dang advisor last week, before paying the fee for graduation. rrrgh. Oh well. I'm off to think positive thoughts for the remainder of the day.


A full week?

I'm at work on a Monday! Yuck. I've become accustomed to having three day weekends. I feel like I'm a grown up or something, working 40 hours. Wah!!! I'll admit, this is gonna be tough. On the bright side, I might have time to find some useless information to post. hmmm.


Putting it on the Wish List

I think everyone should have one of these in their house. Right next to the bowling lane and air hockey table.